Deep thinking on retrospection

Yesterday, I was searching through my email for something, and ended up finding some Google chats I did with RK before marriage. It tickled my philosophical part of my brain, and I went into retrospective mood immediately.

On retrospection, normal route is to feel that you have grown mature, but I feel, I am still immature. Or for that matter, every person is immature with respect to the current scenario. Everyone is learning with new situations, and just lives by their instincts. I believe that everyone has a viewpoint and need not be right or wrong. Those view points are formed based on how their minds imbibe the lessons from their experiences. Some take bad experiences negatively or as mistakes done and some consider them positively as opportunities to learn from life. Whenever people say, especially my parents, that the others were better and they were wrong, it really hurts me. How do I explain to them, that they were never wrong, but did their best in living their life? Reminds me of another post on similar lines by Jeena Papaadi.

Refreshing old memories or incidents sometimes enables you to understand or evaluate people more liberally than how you did at that time. Though its easy to make it a rule that you should not judge people, it rarely happens. The natural instinct of human beings, as far as my understanding, is to collect data about the other person through his mannerisms or behavior and speech and analyse it to form an impression (Maybe that’s what they call first impression in layman’s terms). Repeated interactions develop this data  more and more and  you rate ( is there any other word) that person as you go, based on experiences. At a later point in life, when you analyse this data, with your other renewed experiences, maybe the rating would get different. In short words, the person whose viewpoints you never agreed with, could be understood better now. And some persons whom you valued great earlier may lose respect now.

Another point I noted is the traits which never changes in person. Even before marriage, RK had found out the main problem in my behavior which was the root cause for me feeling depressed or picking up arguments with others . And that is, I think too much. And I realize he had been cool always and had the quality of letting go, and not thinking too much about something.

But if I don’t think too much, would this blog have ever been born? So is it a boon or a bane?

The thread of thought has started again.


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