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As blogged before, N started playschool last month. There were tears as expected but after two weeks, she has mellowed down and has got adjusted to the water like a fish. Just that she cries or rather shivers a bit when she touches the cold water initially.

Last week, after one whole month, they gave us the uniforms. Initially, I was thinking it would be too much for a two-year old to wear uniforms, but now after one month of struggling to find what to make her wear in the morning, the uniforms are a boon, atleast for the three days of the week when they are to be worn.

As far as my childhood memories goes, I do not remember a single thing except for one scene. I am lying on mats for afternoon naps, with half eyes closed. Some teachers were commanding us to close your eyes and sleep. That’s it.

Another scene which I remember is of the Class 1. My mom and her colleague is trying to put on uniforms on me, while I am making a fuss and crying a lot. I also remember the class, as if taken from an art movie scene, where I am standing outside the class, actually not me, but my silhouette. Not sure, whether it was after mom leaving me there, or some other instance while studying that year.

On other hand, since this gives me some free time, I have been reading blogs lately. There is a blog marathon by Preeti Shenoy, who always have some positive vibes to cheer you up daily. And one of the other blogs I frequently read are the email blog posts by Indian Homemaker, which is shared by the readers of the blog. This gives an insight to the plight of Indian women, and some men too, who are trapped in abused relationships of all sorts, say love, marriage, sex, etc..  This actually makes me think of the big picture and the stark reality of the world we live in, and helps me forget the small silly disappointments I have in my life.

In parallel, the home decor craziness is not leaving me, even after I did some interiors of the home using a designer. Though the experience is mixed, I would still recommend going through an interior designer for doing up your home,  especially because of the value for money service. And since I have some plywood pieces left over at home, I am seriously reading up woodworking blog by Woodooz to plunge myself in.

And then, there are some things which I have always wanted to do when I get the free time. Like reading a book, going out independently, driving alone, working for my satisfaction etc. Lets see where the time takes me..

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