On recycling and crafts

Recently, we did some interior work at home through an interior designer, and there were some wood pieces, veneer pieces, and pieces of laminates left at home. I also have some aluminium sheets which were used like a kolu ladder at my rented home. Then there are the granite slab pieces cut for inbuilt gas stove and kitchen sink. There is packaging boxes of LED’s used in false ceiling. Leftover paints, POP, and so many small items too.

I do not know why I don’t have the heart to part with them. Some voice inside me advises to retain them and find some uses for them.

Having always used to recycling from my parents, I have been part of some Facebook groups which recycle used goods. The Second to None group is now growing into a market where you can sell your  used items, but I never know there is another concept of free-cycling too. I was totally surprised when I got a car seat for free from a member, which otherwise would have costed me thousands! This has literally invoked a bigger picture of life in giving away things. Recently I gave away the computer table and metal shoe rack to my maid, altogether for Rs.500 . I did want to give it free, but then hesitated. Atleast sparks of thought came. Maybe a good sign. I have some old clothes, some torn, some not being used, some baby clothes etc. Many advice to give to Goonj and I do follow them. But seems they are busy at the moment with the Uttarakhand floods.

The disaster happened in the North reminds of the Badrinath yatra we did in October 2009. I did plan to write the travelogue after reaching back Bangalore, but never materialized. Realized that travel writing needs to be planned beforehand.

So back to leftover pieces now, I am thinking of learn some hobby with wood, maybe painting wood block first, with the help of Woodooz blog tutorials, and then more crafts along the way.


  1. I strictly believe that most of house work must be my hand made and I drool over lot of interiors to cross check for it and I always worry that I am not a Bangalore dwelling person and second to none brings a lot of good stuff at a reasonable rate! It gives you the idea of certain goods and eh happy working 🙂 let me know once your finished product is up to have a view 🙂 🙂 🙂

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