Wings of Love…

There are times in life… When you wished to cry loud, leaning on someone’s shoulder, clinging onto them to your heart tightly… Or to blast onto their ears of your success or achievement… When you just want to smile at the nature’s beauty admiringly and want to cuddle up in someone’s arms… Or to release the impounding pressure of the heart and tension from your mind and to find solace and peace… There are times in life you wished you could just hug someone… without any desire, without any shame, without any name, without any relationship, without any gender bias, seeking love….
I didn’t knew it was possible…

Stumbled across the Free Hugs organization recently, and the video, which reminds you the essential craving in you to hug someone in your life. Quite a good initiative, but I really wonder, whether in the land of conservative people down in the South India, whether this concept would be accepted ever? Food for thought!

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