Technology has now stepped up in various ways. It has started influencing our day to day life in every possible way. We are getting addicted to internet off late. Atleast I am.

In the earlier ages, Yahoo and MSN dominated us with their chat rooms and then the messengers. The blogs and personal pages like Yahoo pages and Yahoo 360 and MSN spaces grew side by side.  Actually, the search of enhanced personal pages landed me in the world of blogs. Some say, though the world is growing, people are being worse. In handling their values, morals, and relations. But technology has geared up to teach us back the essence and need of being connected. The innumerous sites for social networking like the famous Orkut and Facebook and lesser known hi5, Friendster, Refriendz etc and the volume of registered members speaks it out. People are networking with each other and finding their lost friends and relations spread geographically over internet. Its as if the telecommunications has blended into the computer workstation. And the postal department has been almost replaced by emails and blogs. I wonder what would be the future.

There are still people now in world, who does not own even a mobile phone. Some are deprived because of poverty but, some by choice. Before you think it as modesty, the category to which some people belong to, there are others who avoid being chased by technology to avoid hassles. There are cases where in you can track people through the SIM or IMEI of the mobile number. And then the cases of making use of the public info in the networking sites is not a new news. Maybe some people does not want to get tracked or bugged or go public for the same reason?

But majority of the world actually does not even sleep without writing a scrap in Orkut or posting on someone’s wall in Facebook, or checking out their friends’ photos in these kinda sites. The LinkedIn site is growing up like an established professional page which is kinda must for all professionals! And the introduction of GPRS has made people easy to bring mobility to their internet access. There is even micro blogging these days, say in the form of Twitter, Pownce, Plurk, etc. where in we blurt out our day-to-day activities or rather minute-to-minute chores like an announcement.

Agreed, technology has helped us in various ways. It allowes us to make cheaper calls, or provides an alternative way to stay in touch. But what could be the limit? Aren’t we enhancing the quality of building an online image mask, which may not be the real? Why are we craving and keeping in touch with friends onlne, when at times we don’t do the same in real? Is this gonna last? I could foresee a time, when people get messed up with all these connections and starts staying aloof just as they do in real, when they get busy on with life.

Any future predictions?

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  1. I love technology, I thrive in it, heck, I make my living from it. But you know what … all the tech tools that we have at our disposal, does it really make our lives less cluttered? Or does it in fact make us more addicted to these things … take orkut for instance … I know people who are orkut addicts, would they not have been happier without it 🙂

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