I had watched Kidnap last Sunday. It was unscheduled but still we got tickets. Imran Khan would be really happy that we had seen his both films!!! Nothing much to write about as its pretty much done here. At most places, RK and me were laughing out loud for the stupid scenes, and at the artificiality of Bollywood. Obviously, how can you not laugh when an 18 year old kidnapped victim, instead of making use of the chance and escape, nurses the kidnapper who has been gun-shot!! The glam dresses of both mother and daughter are again unfit to the theme. Minisha is not fit for glam roles. She is cute and able to act, but I guess needs to be choosy. The only part I liked was the tasks set by the kidnapper, the clues, the convincing answers for the actions, and tasks and the ending, which unlike other films doesn’t end up with love story among the kidnapper and the victim!

Does it also points out at the dark side of the law system and the juvenile home treatment and jail which creates more criminals out of young people?

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