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Computers, gadgets, gizmos, toys etc are the keywords which entices geeks and techie freaks. I am not sure how I got attached to such crazy things. Whenever I saw a mobile in someone’s hand,  I would peek it wondering what model is it, if not the number, whether it is high end or low end, or whether mine is better than his or hers etc etc. And then I used to satisfy myself that its expensive and has that n this problems and would appreciate my mobile in the end. But now, with more and more new gadgets and smartphones available at cheaper prices than before, I have started drooling again!

Long back, in childhood, I remember Appa playing with his toolkit containing screwdrivers, variety of spanners, pipe wrench etc. He had his own ways of fixing household appliances which interested me. Being the youngest daughter and spoilt brat that I am, I was like a tomboy for him, helping hands in his maintenance works. I fascinated his calculators and his expertize in mathematics. I am not sure from where he bought them, but I remember using a manual calculator, rather a mechanical abacus kinda device (googled and found its called Addiator). Then there was the digital diary, where in I stored most of my known contact numbers and imagined that I was a serious businesswoman! Those were the times, when mobile phones were too expensive to be bought and when pagers and walkie talkies ruled the world. I used to envy my friend’s father’s pager when she used to talk about it.

Then came my first mobile phone, a nokia 1100 worth almost 6k. The digital world of computers had already fascinated me, by the time I joined college, and mobile, miniature, device were the keywords. I had already written about my mobile adventures and story of buying one. Then there came the time of digital cameras. In our family, we never had any camera, and I was extremely happy to own one during college times. I was deeply attached to the world of internet for the same cause of helping me decide my mobile phone and digital camera. By the time, I upgraded my mobile to Sony w810i, I was in Chennai, and felt music was the soul of life who can remove my loneliness. So the search started for music players (rather a crude way to expand the walkman phone! ) and also dream laptops. As always the search never ended and time passed by.

Being in Bangalore, and having access to full time internet and desktop here, my interests and priorities have changed. I am now checking for house hold gadgets and toys and devices to make my living happier. One thing common with me and RK is being lazy and late sleepers. I have thought of the bugger alarm clocks which is alarmingly climbing its way in my prioirity list. The search for the same, revealed many cool gadgets used nowadays in several countries, if not, atleast for sale, or if not, atleast for us to check out. Here are following some sites for the same.


I wonder when the quest will end. They say, happiness and satisfaction is achieved through being content with what we have, but who listens… Do you? 😀


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