Webscape Tidbits – Part 3

After a long time fram gap, I am back with the internet tidbits.

1.Blackle was hitting the news a little while ago. And one of my colleague even shifted to Blackle instead of Google for searches. But I did wonder how it saved energy. Found an article cum discussion on does it really do or not??

2. Random objects/links/articles at smorgasborg. Got this link as email forward and the article regarding the invention of C++ lured me into the main site.

3. Top 100 webware sites. Just got a bunch of handy commonly used websites in one page..So bookmarked for now. Who knows, I may try them out, sometime in future…

4. Real Simple. There are enormous list of sites which can help you live life, make the most out of it, or even live a happy simple life. I guess this is just one of them. There maybe many more.

5. By the way, did I mention about the live science website where you can get to know more about the facts and discussions of life science?

Bonus: Try copying the character given below called “COMBINING CYRILLIC MILLIONS SIGN” and start writing from the next position. It starts typing backwards.



  1. Regarding the Blackle, you can still use Google with Greasemonkey scripts (only FX). 😀

    I wanted to subscribe to the Really Simple site (I love such sites :D) but they offer only partial subscription. No way I’m subscribing to something which offer partial feeds.

  2. @Ashwin, if you dont wanna subscribe, atleast keep checking it in between…
    by the way, u still can use partial feeds, and if u find the topic you can always visit the site for reading the same….isnt it?

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