Thinking of blog title

By November this year, the domain subscription for is going to terminate. After long thought, I have decided  not to renew it. Its tough to maintain a blog, keeping it updated frequently and I do not want to bother maintaining a domain name redirected to Sometimes I tend to forget renewing it. Sometimes, the redirection does not work and I have to sent mails to people who are already busy with their lives. And I am not that professional blogger who is planning to use ads or enter the race for SEO page ranking and all those. Hence I plan to drop it.

The problem now is, what to rename the blog title. Till now, I have been using as the blog title and to prepare for the upcoming de-linking, I thought of updating it all now itself. My mail signature, gravatar, online profiles and lastly the blog title.

Any ideas /suggestions for the blog title?

musings.. thoughts.. rambles by Archana.. archonline.. or how about melange?


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