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This week, I transferred all the Feedburner feeds to Google Adsense. This transfer was announced by both the parties long before. But I had a good trouble with those two. Both accounts were on different Gmail IDs.

Long ago, I had tried to insert the Adsense for feeds a while ago, but they never appeared. Later I realized, maybe there are not linked yet. But then, there were so many rumors that transfer of Feedburner has several disadvantages. I thought of turning to FeedBlitz, but the interface was so complicated to me, that I never understood where to start with. I turned back to handle Feedburner and Google again. I had tried to introduce them to each other, but ended up duplicating. Now that I had ignored about it, with despair, for some time, Feedburner himself offered me yesterday to move the feeds automatically.

If you are a subscriber to this blog, either through email or RSS feeds, please let me know of any discrepancies happened recently. If no problems, then be happy, and I am happy too 😀 And those who haven’t yet subscribed, please subscribe immediately. 😉

One more problem yet to rectify is to link Google Adsense and Google Analytics. It seems the notification will appear automatically in the Adsense admin panel. Here again, both are on different mail IDs. Why did I create so many mail IDs. 😐

Inauguration of Advertising:
Yes. Advertising options are open for registrations formally. Please click here for details. The current theme does not support 125×125 ads and the horizontal banners. A new theme will be activated as soon as I have the slots filled for the same!

Happy Reading! 🙂

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