Rising from the crumbles

The rain started drizzling all of a sudden. The streaks of water drops were lashing and swaying amongst the winds.

It was getting cold. I remained lied down in bed. As though my mind was sleeping and body awake. I closed my eyes. Some black and white images got rendered across them. I opened my eyes. I couldn’t survive it anymore. I enabled the songs from my Walkman phone. Loud. So that it could drive away all the sleepiness from my mind. I closed my eyes. No images now. Great. I succeeded. It was then the rain started.

I got up heavily and moved over to the window. Slightly opened one inch of it. I sniffed a bit. To smell the earth. I couldn’t get anything. Maybe, it got dried up too. Just like the tears of broken heart.Maybe the earth too cried. She couldn’t control the spinning neither the revolution. She was destined. To live without day and night and to witness everything that goes on within her and on her surface.

Two small boys ran along the road. They were in their school uniforms. Maybe the school is over. What time is it? The rains and dark clouds deceive even the time. Nope. It deceives us, not the time. Rather, time goes on. without ever stopping.

I went to the other room and checked the time. 4pm. Time for a tea.

The rain hardened. The heat from my tea cup shook me from the spine. I opened the balcony door. The rain drops were trickling through the roof panes. I moved back to avoid the drops onto the cup.

A pool of water was being formed near the muddy street road. A gallon of water drops, which forms a pool which can wet your feet. Thousands of millions of water drops which can form a river or a sea which can drown you to the bottom. But then, when sun appears after the rain, there remains no pool of water. Unless you form a river or lake from the millions of drops…

I finished my cup of tea. The room was now dark. Amidst the clouds, the sun got blocked in its way. It seemed as if it has packed up for the day. I washed the tea cup, and placed it on the shelf. The room needed a light. I switched on the light. The dim streak of light from the balcony seemed more dark.

I went up to the balcony door to close it. The rain was stopping slowly. The clouds seemed as if its getting clearer over time. I checked the pool of water before closing the door.

It was already drifting onto the nearby drainage waterway…


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