Barack Obama – A Ray of Hope?

Barack Hussain Obama has been sworn in as the new President of United States on January 20th 2009. People all over the world are considering it as a sign of hope. Is it so?

I had not planned to watch the live telecast of Barack Obama’s oath. It just happened. The energy and inspiration in his speech was remarkable. I shamefully acknowledge that I knew nothing about the politics. But the few words I could translate from his speech to my mind and the emotional tears of the crowd gave me a vision of the hope and expectations of United States civilians on the new President. And I sincerely hope that their hopes do come true.

In overall, 2008 was a dreaded year, at least for India. There were the series of bomb attacks in various cities, and the Mumbai Taj attacks, for which the rift is still on between India and Pakistan. The year marked the economic recession which accelerated the job loss of many people which still continues. The blow up of Satyam fraud, in December, added to the heat.

And now in 2009, changes started off the year providing a ray of hope. The rule of George Bush is over and is replaced by Obama. The weakening market and the unemployment are expected a high  priority under his reign. The Satyam management has been changed and the fear that the employees would lose all their jobs vanished. A.R. Rahman wins the Golden Globe award, and have raised the hopes of Indians of winning at the Oscars. The Australian Open tournament has started, and people have started enjoying the games. The Indo-Pak tension is not hitting the limelight these days, and I think the spirit of the government is dying. And as in the film, A Wednesday, Mumbaites have moved on with their busy pace of life, keeping the wounds and fears in their heart, trying to hold onto their jobs and earn their daily bread, with a new spark in the new year.

I too have started blogging heavily these days with a few hopes. And I think this is what makes us lead our lives. The hopes that, something good will happen at the next turn, or through the change we are going through. As they say, daylight is bestowed upon us after a dark night. And a spark is already seen in our eyes. Lets treasure these mounting aspirations and hopes, for without them, there is no life.


  1. Well.. where is our Indian president.. I dunno when we last heard anything from her.. lol.. BTW how many people know who our current president is ? I guess many assume it is still Abdul Kalam lol..

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