Black hole……..

I am feeling very bored today. At office now.

People thinks or assumes its cos of RK’s return to bangalore. I don’t think at all in that way.

Some unknown bizarre phenomenon is twirling me up in its intense pool of thoughts drifting me away to a strange land. I wonder is it cos of relocation to a new location. But I am aware of the truth too. And i m ready to face it too…

What else it is then? The thoughts of threads strangling and swaying in the winds of life? Wondering whether it would sustain the turmoil? I could feel the anguish and the crying inside. I feel weak. I could hear my heart sagging with unknown burdens. All the eyes are piercing me. Wait.. they are not eyes. No one is looking at all.. I guess i am imagining things.

Why am I always so strange? Does people hate me? There would be atleast some who subscribed unknowingly to this blog, and who would now be wondering at their silly mistakes now. Hmm…

The black hole is again pulling me with its unlimited magnetic power. Its hurting me hard. Too hard…


  1. You are execellent in expressing your thoughts. I believe this is the feeling every girl has when she has to enter in to the new world of life after marriage. If your hubby understands and supports you, you will be the lucky one in the world. Good Luck !

  2. i think your feelings are right according to me.cause sometimes it happens with me also.there are several times u think that everything which is happening around u is really depress u.i think u should face them courageously .

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