I hate Flickr!

Long back in November, Yahoo decided to shake me off by closing its Yahoo photos. I had stored so many photos in it, ranging from my experiments to my portraits! It left me with few options to transfer my photos, and being the bright net addict and knowledgeable that I am, I chose flickr.

Since then, I had loaded and loaded more into it, using the mass uploader option of flickr.com. Initially I was having hard time, knowing about sets, collections, and groups, but slowly as any hardworker conquering and completing its assigned task, I mastered them (er.. did I… yet??!!).

Then came the catch! I was notified that what I was experiencing over the weeks were just a trial version of the paid version of flickr which was about to expire in few days! And I was not about to pay hundreds just to show case my photos. I was not an official photographer!

The limited version created a hell lot of probs, one of which was the archive!!! They archive automatically the older photos and I was not able to see or edit retrieve it back!! What the hell was it! They were like capturing my precious photos in a deceitful way and asking ransom now to give it back!??? They should have mentioned it, rather Yahoo should have mentioned all these details when they help out their customers in transferring the photos to other third party agents!!!

I have stopped using it, and I am transferring my photos to other places (as of now its picasaweb.. don’t know when its going to deceive me now! ) slowly, and trying to recover the old ones from the archive of flickr!!! Phew man! what a task!!!


  1. Hi Archana,

    You may want to give Photrade.com a shot. Right now we’re offering our beta users a free pro account (meaning unlimited photos) and not only is it just a place to store photos, but you can make money off of them too!

    Check it out. Use the invite code TWIP when you’re signing up.

  2. Don’t blame Flickr. You forgot to read TOS before you migrated the Photos from yahoo! photos to flickr ๐Ÿ™‚

    But if you’ve bunch of photos to be managed online then Flickr is good choice and worth paying for their professional upgrade!

  3. Don’t kick me in my shins, but I love Flickr. I don’t upload all my photos there – rather I use it for communication. Perhaps its not a great tool if you want your friends/family to see all your pics.

    Last year, I bought a flat – and I uploaded photos on color schemes, furniture, upholstery etc that I liked. My interior decorator used Flickr as the baseline. Both of us found it pretty good, for such a limited use.

  4. @Priya:
    Flickr may be good if you don’t upload all your photos. I guess I got fooled by its TOS when I shifted to it from Yahoo… Just venting out my frustrations…

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