A moment of remembrance

cheerful mother and daughter with dog in autumnal park

I woke up before the morning alarm. With David out of town for work, its been Mia and me in the house with our new dog, Rosie. The timing couldn’t be more unfortunate. Last night Mia brought her new boyfriend and seeing them kissing got me panicked. Anger was something I always hid behind when I cannot face my fears. David says I am too strict with her for someone in high school. I know it’s true. 


As I woke up, I saw the photo next to me. I think I slept with the photo in my hand. A headshot of Rocky. Being the only child, he was my brother, childhood friend and everything. I wonder how it was easy for mom to bring another dog when Rocky passed away. Rosie is perfect for her, quiet and broody unlike my Rocky who was so cheerful and playful all the time. Justin understood my pain. He too had lost his cat but never got another one. The phone next to me rang. It was Justin.


I started whipping the batter in the kitchen. The house is too silent today. Did Mia wake up? I went over to her room and knocked on the door.
“Mia, are you awake? You will be late for your classes.” No response.

After few minutes, I move back to kitchen through the hallway. The walls are adorned with the family photos of her childhood. I see it all the time but today, I noticed Mia’s laugh again in one of them with our first dog, Rocky. His licks always made her giggle. That’s what she was doing yesterday too, albeit in a different way. After breakfast maybe I could have a chit chat before she go. 

Mia opened her room in a hurry and walked towards the door. 
“Hey where you going? I am making breakfast.”

“After what happened yesterday, I don’t feel like having anything today. I will rather have something from the canteen. In PEACE !”. Mia replied.

Then she stormed out of the door closing the door with a bang. I stood there in the midst of the house. Rosie kept barking.


We had not talked much for these last three months. Ever since I introduced her to Justin, mom is behaving so differently. 
“Did your mom say anything after I left?” Justin asked. 

“Not much. It’s been a long time we had a peaceful conversation.” 

“Maybe she doesn’t like us.”

 I sighed a deep sigh. As if to say “I don’t know what to say”.

“You hungry?”

“Yeah. Can we have peanut butter sandwiches. And maybe some smoothies?”“Your wish is my command, Princess Mia!”.

I smiled. Justin always try to make me smile.

Rocky loved peanut butter. As I relished my breakfast, I remembered making peanut butter cookies for him. A moment of remembrance.

Mia loved pancakes. As I had my breakfast in silence later, I remembered how she used to have them with extra syrup on top. A moment of remembrance.

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