Weekend Getaway – Mysore – Day 3

Day 3: The Return – Aug 17th 2008

We got up very late due to the tiresome two long days before. There was no specific plan than to return to Bangalore. The Jaganmohan palace and St.Philomena’s Church were optional. The breakfast cum lunch was at Hotel Maharajas, another Kerala hotel, opposite to the KSRTC bus stand and nearby to the Hotel Kairali where we had the same yesterday. But Maharajas was far far better than the other one, in all respects. After the brunch, as we had no other timepass, we decided to check out the remaining places too.

Jaganmohan palace was an art gallery and very nearby to the Mysore palace. There was an entrance fee of Rs.20 and no cameras were allowed. So we kept them in the car, and went in. There were 3 floor of exhibits. The top floor contained the wall paintings (murals) and the old-dated instruments. They were supposedly used by the Mysore rulers. There were also the paintings of the various artists lived during that period. The intermediate and ground floor mainly depicted various paintings by various artists, say, Tibetans, Mughals, Britishers, and Raja Ravi Verma’s. The paintings not to be missed of, are the ones by Raja Ravi Verma, and I am sure, any common person, who is not much interested in these art, will immediately fall in love with the beautiful mesmerizing paintings by him. There were also the portraits of the Mysore Dynasty and the Kings, the historical artifacts used by them, the thrones, the enormous imagery of the durbars, the handicraft and artwork, the imported pieces and many more..The place is a treasure for people who study history for sure.

The St. Philomena’s Church was also nearby in the vicinity, but we had to ask for the way quite a few times. Did I tell you, that there are innumerous circles in Mysore? Such a small cute town, linking the roads with various monumental circles/junctions, of which some left and right are one-ways!! Anyways, the Church was quite big and huge than I expected. It was just like any normal church, with the relic of St. Philomena in the basement burial chamber (catacomb), and with theΒ  Thanksgiving scripted on its walls and the alley to way out.

The return from the Church to Bangalore was stopped at Cubs, a hang-out place to meet Masky to say bye. We started off to Bangalore at around 4pm. The climate was too cloudy and it had drizzled in between. There was traffic, as it was the end of a long weekend, and there were sequences of cars in front of us in a row. It simulated the F1 kinda race, where in all the cars competed with each other, and stayed near to 100 km/hour even while overtaking.! By the time, we entered Bangalore outskirts, traffic tightened, and we were literally stuck up at many places. We did stop for tea to refresh ourselves, just once, at Channapatna (?). But still we reached at almost 8-8.30pm, which means it took almost more than 4 hours to reach from Mysore to Bangalore. I didn’t had the stamina to cook at home, though I was simply riding along in the front seat. So we had dinner at an Andhra restaurant on CMH road, and then sped back home.

We were so enthusiastic that before calling it a day, we did load all the pics to the PC, unable to resist the excitement of our portrayal of photographic skills!!! And yeah, few did turn out well!!! πŸ˜€

What an amazing way to end the rocking weekend!!! Hehe!! πŸ™‚

PS: I hope to write more on these kinda travel series, after every travel trip. You can keep checking back this series. Once I am done with the photos and uploading, I may link them here to make it a photopost! Keep reading!! πŸ™‚


Photos can be accessed here at Picasaweb

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