Google Everywhere!!!

I love Google. From the time, I knew about searching information on web, Google was my supervisor. Earlier, when emails were luring people onto internet, I was also a victim of Yahoo and Hotmail and Rediff. Since Gmail, I have never looked back. If I self-analyse, I could see that I use Google products more than anything for online purposes. Starting from the popular Orkut and Gtalk, I have moved on to use Adsense and Analytics and Webmaster Tools for blogging technically, Notebook and Reader as blogging assistant tools, Picasaweb for all my photo albums, Toolbar for efficient browsing, Bookmarks for storing my favourite sites and so on. There are other tools like Youtube and Blogger which I use occasionally for reading. And few of the old tools like Groups and Alerts which I have stopped long back.

Now its Google Chrome from today.! Will it mesmerize me in the same way as its brother products did??? The comic ad looks promising! Lets wait n watch.


  1. hi
    ya .I accept.but google Translate have lot of languages.That’s useful for,people their own language likely,spanish,french,german,arabic….then google new is chrome browser…that’s perfect to use..

    I don’t know about comic ad?what is comic ad?

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