Webscape Tidbits – Part 1

Google Reader: Inspired from Ashwin’s posts on Google Reader, I had started using the RSS reader sometime ago, and I’m lovin’ it more n more day by day. It gives me lot inspiration to read n write and become active in this blogging world. So many blog posts created each day spanning several topics that the innovative idea of the RSS reader to share their favourites is highly appreciated. I don’t have much shared items but found that we can broadcast the marked items in our website as shown in the sidebar of my blog. Or you can share it using the direct link. I invite my readers to share their shared items/bookmarks etc.

Publicize: After reading so many posts on making money from blogging and adsense and publicizing, I am now randomly submitting my blog to most sites like Feed Burner, India Counts, Technorati etc. (By the way, wanna add my blog to Technorati favourites? πŸ˜‰ )

WordPress plugins: I am planning to add the “Related Posts” plugin and some sidebar modifications. Thinking whether to add the Post rating plugin also. But too lazy to install n edit the themes… More over, I guess all my posts are related already, and coming to track popular or top rated ones, how do I know whether any posts can be popular or top rated, unless you, the readers, provide any feedback! πŸ˜€ So please provide me any feedback on plugins to be installed or for that matter any feedback is welcome. πŸ˜‰ Meanwhile, lot of post topics pending, personal thoughts and meme’s..Hmm.. πŸ™

Songs/Lyrics Download: Last weekend when I was at home, I was searching lot sites which provides free download of songs and found some here n here.

WebSites: Came across some Indian sites while surfing for submitting my blog to them. Indian pad, India Counts and Best of Indya are among them.

The blog title inspired from Webscape of Click Online program aired in BBC World.


  1. Recent Posts on the sidebar also makes lot of sense. If somebody doesnt read the post till the end, visitor can see the related posts in the sidebar.

    Meanwhile you do need to install “Subscribe to Comments” plugin πŸ™‚

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