Film review – Life in a Metro

The film by Anurag Basu and UTV indeed represents mixture of emotions, relations, feelings, race for money, diminishing love, dependency along with filmy drama at the end in some stories. The few things I did not like was the tragic end in some stories and the projection of sacrifice by women. The dialogues were good and bare enough to leave an imprint. Nowadays I am really inspired by the words everywhere, be it in song lyrics or that of the film dialogues.
– “Is sheher ne mujhe bahut strong bana diya hai” – We feel we are strong but when the truth is city life is just weakening our soul.
– “Ye koi morning walk nahi hai, this is a race” – So true. People are running so fast in their life, not because they want to run, but as life is demanding that nowadays. Everyone has dreams to build on, and they just are running to attain the goals, without giving importance to the paths.
– The situation of Dharmendra’s character at the end regretting his decisions of life. We think we take the right decision based on the constraints we have and stick to it, but at some point of time, we do regret some of our decisions, but time might have flew away leaving us with no other option than to move on.
– People are craving for love and for someone who can really love them, and end up in some complicated relations woven to form a mess from which its hard to break free.
– “Unless you take out your car to the road, you wont know what capabiliities it has” – Take a chance in your life. So true…
– “Always go with your heart than mind so that you don’t have to regret later” – Aaah!! This is my favourite which really substantiate my view towards life!! 🙂

An overall rating of 8.5/10 for the theme, songs, character portrayal and all, which would increase upto 9 had not been for the melodrama of Monty and Shruti at the end.

Forgot to mention about Deep’s review and I agree it to be irritating when rock band is showing up everywhere…

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