Wardrobe Woes

Today, the rented flat we stay in got a huge wardrobe makeover.

Just like the owner and the tenants staying in it, the apartment too was a unique and weird one. Unlike other flats, it has good interior view towards the park and greenery, two extra balconies (which remains largely unused considering that they were one of the reasons which tempted me to get this one out of the million other reasons, the others being good lighting and decent interior furnishing and not the bright pink and weird designs), two huge single piece mirror as wardrobe sliding doors (which caused enough financial damage to the owner and some of the mental peace of the tenants) which is finally being replaced to accommodate modern style wardrobe boxes.

The bedroom is full of dust, which I would have to clean in the evening after they leave the room, considering that my allergies would have a feast in the night otherwise. The color is pristine white which gives me another set of anxiety issues considering how punctual and energetic I am in maintaining cleanliness but nevertheless I am in one piece having enormous mental peace as the task is put to action after coaxing the owner and the other half for months and maybe years.

Deprived of my natural seating arrangement, with my plush chair being used by the main undertaker now, with two laptops tucked in the exact same room where the work is being done, I decided I will while my time away without any difficulty in the other room. A little bit of Twitter scrolling and multiple attempts at refreshing WhatsApp which gave me no new results, I pondered about what could I do if I don’t have any social media accounts or entertainment to watch(wouldn’t it be too selfish to watch prime video or hotstar when other people are heavily toiling away their blood and sweat to give you luxurious interiors) to pass my time. Few decades ago, this was the state we were experiencing every day and night and we didn’t had any doubt on how to spend the day. But now I am struggling what else to do other than type this whole thing on Evernote on my mobile. A minute of silent inactivity is a dreadful nightmare. Especially for the monkey mind. That’s me.

A few more hours and my sanity would return to my normal aka previous and precious state. But before that I have work to do, of cleaning and dusting. The poetic words of “miles to go before I sleep” is apt here as after I do the cleaning it would be night and I would be peacefully sleeping with the satisfaction of the wardrobe replacement finally done, the dust cleaned and furniture placed back in position.

There is still the question of rearranging clothes and other stuff, which have been cramped into unusable suitcases and tucked under the dining table and the other bed in the other bedroom, but that problem would be tackled tomorrow. For now, let me plan for the to do list that seems to be never ending and also take few breaths under the mask to calm myself down…

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