Visible to the heart

It all starts in the morning with a silly thought and sight
But later blows in the night into a big fight
And the child watches it all, hugging his toy tight.

At the mall, he sees a huge soft toy,
A big no from her, leads to a rather loud cry
And she then moves faster after picking up the boy.

As we wait at the signal on bike one day
With arms forward, the young come nearby
And shaking our heads, we say no way.

As they walked towards her, she looked around
But no one offered her to help her on the side road
And all her cries and shouts went unheard

Its not that our minds and souls do not think,
Its just that our lives has to go on as we blink,
As sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye
And then time ticks and pushes it away, closing both its eyes.

Written for the writing prompt for Write tribe.

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