Threading the Needle

#atozchallenge alphabet N

They had to get this working. Her family was waiting for the damn certificate. Though she was under their pressure, she knew its for her own good.

sewing license

She took some deep breaths in the exam hall, while her scribe helped with threading the needle successfully.

Few months later, they marveled at her first creative work.


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The credit for the keyword, “Needle” goes to Leo, for his invisible inspiration and his beautiful story. The 55 fiction is a beautiful way to express the theme and story without elaborating much and delving into the details. Its perfect for the ongoing challenge, since most days I churn out the posts on-the-go, and doesn’t go through much revisions. Though I feel happy at the brevity accomplished, I personally like the short stories of medium length, with some amount of descriptions and hence making a mental note of this as a learning in the challenge.

PS: And by the way, did you read the parallel story (with double meaning) in between the lines.. 😉 Does this image clue looks familiar?


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