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#atozchallenge alphabet M

What would be the word starting with M you could remember hearing everyday? My answer would be mamma.. Though the dialect changes the name from Amma to Mom, the word mother is prominent in daily life.. Be it remembering the older generation or hearing the voices called out by the new generation. I went across many other fellow bloggers in the Facebook group to get inspired for the letter M, and stumbled upon many Ms, ranging from motherly, money, mystery, mind, mosquitoes, memories to maroon mask. But the word mamma stuck onto me like none other.

So today’s post is to remember the “mamma” story I wrote few years ago. It was one of the top visited posts in my blog for quite sometime. I had seen Dasvidaniya (watch the movie here)few weeks prior to writing this, and the song touched my heart like anything. It pulled at my heart to pour out the feelings, especially considering the personal situation I was in, at that time. But I couldn’t. And then I heard many stories of relatives undergoing uterus removal. My mind would have put all these together to churn out some words.

Excerpt for Mamma

The ending words of the film were still ringing in my ears. When had I said the same to my Mom? But how to say? I am not a child or boy anymore. I am a grown up man now. I have a wife now. We have been married for around 5 years now. It was her plan to watch the film in theater. Among the Indian audiences. After all, we had been living abroad for 3 years now. And maybe living again when she is well enough. Mom. no, Mamma. That’s how I call her.

Its already two weeks into the AtoZ challenge and I am already feeling exhausted with my theme, Fiction Fragments. As readers, how did you like the fragments? Or do you think “free write” posts like what I did today, is better?


  1. This was nice, Archana. Lovely that you feel inspired by your mother to write a post about her. Hugs to you. As for the theme, go with what you feel comfortable. We love reading them all πŸ™‚
    shailajav recently posted…Nestling in NatureMy Profile

  2. Lovely post! And churning fiction day after day can be challenging…I am also trying to keep up! Phew!
    It’s your call dear, write what you feel like!
    Aditi recently posted…NudeMy Profile

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