The little shoe

Soon, that day would arrive when her daughter, D would be married off.
And then she would scurry here and there, along with her husband and relatives, in order to make the arrangements. In midst of all the excitement, she would take few moments to remember the memories.
She would be in the constant fear, when her daughter went out of the door to meet her friends and colleagues.
She would remember how her child helped her in the kitchen work, making non-stop comments and gossip on her friends.
She would shed tears of joy when D topped her graduation in first class, and got her first job.
She would lost hope at times when D rebelled in her teenage years, like any other daughter.
She would give the ‘big talk’ she gave when she became the ‘big girl’.
She  would comb and plait her hair before going to school.
She would struggle to feed her, when D was young.
She would search for her little lost shoe in the whole house.
She would smile at the mischiefs and the scares D gave her in her toddler years, and her sweet smile with the milk tooth.
She would feel so blessed to see the baby sleeping in her arms.
She would be called a mom if, after all the months in her womb, she had born that day…
And only if ‘Drishya‘ had not become ‘Adrishya‘ that day…
PS: Written for photo prompt at Write tribe.

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