Chitchat with my little one

Yesterday, after returning from playschool, N was not in a mood to settle back into home. As I was removing her school uniform, in a casual chat about happenings in school, she asked me,

“You don’t have school, Amma?”

“No, I already went to school when I was young like you”

“Appa also went to school?”

“Yes, he also went to school like you”

” Which school you went, Amma?”

“Holy Angels” (Tries hard to repeat that!)

“So where was I when you went to school?”

“Er..You were not there that time na”

“Or did I stayed here, all alone, with the doggy?..”
(Makes sad face..)
(Doggy is a soft toy who she considers as a real life dog)

“Or was Ammoomma here with me..”
(Starts making all guesses..)

I catch the opportunity and with wide eyed face and teeth, asks her,
“Shall we have lunch.. Guess what is it for lunch baby!!!?”

In my implicit thank you note to the invisibles, ” Oh the Unknown, please provide me with constant supply to the bulb in my head.”


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