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Its been very long that I did a meme. The last time I did was this. Hence it was very refreshing to do the Fast Dozen meme, rather than mind boggling for ideas. I got the idea from Shilpa Garg who was also trying to filling up posts, by stealing another tag! So here I go…

What is the last book that you passed on to someone else to read?
I am actually quite possessive about my books. Yes, I do remember giving magazines to my neighbour which she never returned for which I am actually at cross with her. 🙂

The one song you secretly or not so secretly want to sing at karaoke?
I was totally mesmerized by Titli song by Anjali in the Indian Idol, that I then searched for the original and heard it. Its indeed a beautiful song, and if ever my vocal chords call me, I would give it a try. By the by, have you heard of my other karaoke which I did few years ago?

If you had to pick a new name for yourself, what would it be?
I actually have a nickname at home, so not sure I would want anymore. But if I found one, it would be short, easily pronounceable and with some meaning. Like I how I named N. Her big eyes was the remarkable attraction in the first week, and we were searching for names. It struck as the answer to “first thing what I notice about her”, when I was thinking about the question in the loo. As they say, all answers appear in your mind during those times! If I get a new name for myself similarly, I promise to blog about it.!

What do you wish your administrator or boss would notice?
If I were working, I would have wished him or her to notice, how I get the mood swings so often, and would allow me to take off or be unproductive for quite a while, believing in me that I would sprang up back with that freedom. Bounce baby, bounce.

What is your biggest pet peeve?
That my current boss, RK sometimes behaves like “I don’t know anything” even if he does. 😐

What holds you back in pursuing your biggest dream?
Myself! Who else. I consider that we bound ourselves by invisible threads to please our family and society, that we never dream of breaking the boundaries and really work towards living the actual dream.

Why do you think you are a lovable person?
Am I? Maybe because its in my genes!! I am a Libran, you know..

If every day had an extra hour in it, what would you do with it?
Currently, I guess I would just waste it surfing more and more, checking out social media, gossip videos like Koffee with Karan, reading hot news etc.

The last song you turned up in your car or house was?
In our car, it would be “Mary had a little lamb”, as it would be the first requirement from our little N after we get into the car.
In our house, it would be the music channels, playing some new songs, which nowadays skips over my head.

What is a secret talent you may have?
Did I tell that I do play veena? Though its been ages, someone actually heard me playing that.

Your favorite thing to do outside when it’s not too cold out in the winter?
Window shopping in malls? If its actually outside, I would love to have a bike ride nearby with RK, checking out the small alleys, roads, restaurants, cafe’s, etc. I remember having done the same with my father. After picking me up from school or the tuition classes and while returning home, he will try to explore new roads to gather information on where it leads to, what shops it have, whether its a new shortcut etc. There would be no talk, but we used to silently explore the nearby areas in his old Rajdoot.

How do you respond if someone asks you an inappropriate or nosy question?
With some blunt answer. Unfortunately, we are not superstars or public figures to be allowed to say “no comments”, though I do reply the same when there is no other way.


Pick this tag up if you are searching ideas to come out of mental block, or to fill up a blogathon, or for a refreshing change.


  1. Oh these memes are fantastic for rainy days 😀 Enjoyed reading your answers, pretty interesting and got to know a bit about you. I hate lending my books too! Have lost so many of them!! 🙁

  2. I am possesive about my books too, but recently I joined *Read and Pass On*, so all the books that I can pass on are just mailed off to people who will read and like them (mostly the ones that I never would complete, lol!) – am I evil or what? loL! You can play Veena? WOW! MY name is Veena, and I have never even touched one lol! We used to go for these bike rides- prior to our marriage – those were fun… now.. **gahhh!** My answer to the extra hour would be the same as yours lol!

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