Film review – Swades

Recently saw the film, “Swades” once more. The film is really beautiful, and depicts India and the patriotism very clearly. I do wonder about the NRI’s (not the Non-Returning Indians, but the actual one. πŸ˜‰ ) who have been staying there for either studies or job; whether they too think the same: to leave the job/studies abroad, and to settle in India.Personally I do like to have a short term onsite job, but not more than 6 months for sure!! Be it for living also I think I’d do the same. I even sometimes miss my home town in Kerala, when I am in Chennai, leave alone abroad!!

I agree, maybe the life is more easier and comfortable than in India, as they are more developed countries. But still, don’t they wish to travel in the MTC buses, and to pass the ticket! (Chennai buses!!) Don’t they wish to ride in the guttered roads and complain it to the person sitting next to you! Don’t they wish to see the natural ponds and lakes in their home town, with fields all nearby, to hear the grinding noise from the mill nearby, to see the children playing in the common playground, to have the tea from the roadside shop, and to watch the raindrops falling through the trees, to have the special home-made food from their grandma’s, and all the (boring) advice from her..(hehe πŸ˜› ). The temples, the festivals, the crowd, the grains, as depicted in a rectangular box in the film. The vibrant colours of India!!

Indeed the song boosts up my spirit levels, the lyrics are so beautiful, and has plain message to people living abroad.

ye jo des hai tera, swades hai tera..tujhe hai pukara…

ye jo bandhan hai jo kabhi toot nahi sakta….


  1. Excellent post Archana! The best I have seen here.

    “I do like to have a short term onsite job, but not more than 6 months for sure!! ” –
    100% true. Unles you move of your comfort zone, movie out of your home, you’ll never know the true value!

  2. ^^ who else better than you can realize it right??? πŸ™‚
    Actually the “studies’ part was written thinking of you only… πŸ˜›

  3. Nice Post Archana.
    I wonder what ppl abroad think.
    I see that u’ve got a wonderful blog.
    Hopin to see more frm urside.

    Peace & Love

  4. Excellent archana

    feeling: “I too wanna go home”

    usually when i was at home i wanna go abroad for work and life

    but now after living 3 months(just) away from my home still in india

    I m dying to go my home
    Meet my parents
    Enjoy same night time with my friends

    It just remind me of a mail msg :

    Celebration means……
    A winter evening.
    Four friends.
    One barsaat.
    Four glasses of chai.

    Celebration means……
    Maggi noodles.
    A hostel room.
    4.25 a.m.

    Celebration means……
    3 old friends.
    3 separate cities.
    3 coffee mugs.
    1 internet messenger.

    Celebration means……
    You and mom.
    A summer night.
    A bottle of coconut oil.
    A head massage.
    Gossiping about absent family members.

    Keep in touch with your loved ones ………

  5. This is one movie which I have seen not less than 10 times… I love to watch this movie even 10 times more… The reason may be the ideology of the hero is same as mine… Songs are simply superb…. the movie tells us there is no place like home…

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