Film review – Spiderman – 3

Yesterday, watched the Spiderman 3 in PVR cinemas Bangalore. It was not as fancy and thriller as expected, but still I liked several aspects of the movie. I agree, there were several flaws in the screenplay and the story itself. Moreover it was too complicated with so many characters, and especially with no explanation of the black crawling substance. I had liked Tobey Maguire in the Spiderman-1 film, and had almost become a fan of his, but now, not more. ๐Ÿ™ He indeed looks no more special, but M J (Kirsten Dunst) still looks cute and like the girl-next-door.
The main thing i like is the theme and the tagline: “The greatest battle lies within”. Exactly true. I guess this time, the director was overcome with emotions just like me and made the film, with a sentimental touch for the youth, who is ready to embark life on its own.

The symbolic representation of aggression, jealousy, revenge, in the form of black substance and the struggle within Peter to get out of it, gaves away the simple message that only you have the control of yourself. Though it is not clear why the sound of bells remove them. Symbolising church and evil n all???!

Few points of the film which really captured my heart:
* It is easy to bind, but hard to unbind – Yup! All the evil thoughts are easy to get into our thoughts, but very hard to rule them out.
* Each person is made of choices they make, and every person has the right to choose how to live their life – Life is indeed full of choices, and decisions, which we are supposed to make over time.
* Every one needs helps at some point, even the spiderman needs help – Each human being and even the strongest man needs help at some point in their life.
* Not all bad persons as are bad from heart. Its again the bad choices they made at some point in their past. The sandman chose bank robbery for saving his daughter’s life.
* A man needs to prepare himself for marriage by understanding his priorities. (I love Peter’s aunt so much!! ๐Ÿ˜€ )

But all these did not made the Spiderman 3 worthwhile as the first two in the series. The first and second was the real spiderman with stunning editing and photography and screenplay, while in the third, I guess, they tried to incorporate a bit of realism and ended up messing it.To cut short, the third in the series is meant not for fantasy but instead an attempt at family and individual values.
Overall rating of around 6.5/10


  1. Hmm..

    1) the church bell ringing part MIGHT seem religious, but its a scene straight off the comic book where Spidey realises that sound drives the parasite mad..

    2) You might like Peter’s aunt May, but some people were hoping she would die ๐Ÿ˜›


  2. @Vinothraj: the church bell and sound maybe straight off the comic book( I havent read it) but while making into a film, it did not blend with the rest of the story!! ๐Ÿ™ Either the film should be fully comical and not make sense or it should completely make sense some how… People don’t see films after reading the books, atleast I dont!

  3. “Either the film should be fully comical…”

    haha.. that was funny ๐Ÿ˜†

    “Either the film should be fully comical and not make sense or it should completely make sense some howรขโ‚ฌยฆ”

    Exactly. One shouldn’t make implications without knowing the whole story. One should either read the comic books and understand.. or go blindly and enjoy whatever the film has to offer.. after all, don’t 98% of movies made in India fall in the latter category?

  4. ^^ I did enjoy the movie!! I dono why you are stressing one just negative point I’ve written in the post! Find the good points in the film also!!
    And for the latter part of your comment, I guess already I have answered such people here.

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