Bangalore weekend…

This weekend was a special one for me. My first trip to Bangalore to meet my friends (Tina and Reshmy) finally was successful!!! 😀 It was a long awaited plan. We were placed in our companies in 2005 and since then we were planning to have a meet in Bangalore!!
Last time when I had planned, I did not get the tickets and whole plan got messed up. Hence this time, I booked long before at KPN travels to and fro Bangalore for May 25th and May 27th night respectively.I had two friends(Saiyan and Vince 😛 ) along with me for the to and fro journey though our B’lore plans were different. We boarded from Adyar, and I got down at Madiwala at around 6 in the morning on Saturday.
I’d planned to stay at Tina’s house overnight. She came to pick me at the Madiwala bus stop and we went to her home. After a cup of coffee, we played around with the “acoustic” guitar and her brand new Compaq Presario laptop (!! 🙁 !!) At around 12 – 12.30pm, we reached at The Forum to book the film tickets for Sunday. There we picked up Reshmy and then tried for the film, “Life in a Metro”. But unfortunately we got the tickets for SpiderMan 3 only. Nevertheless, carrying the tickets, we moved on to take an auto to Garuda Mall, as we set aside Forum hang out for Sunday. But we indeed found time to have a double scoop icecream from Baskin n Robbins shared among three!!
The Garuda Mall was as big as Chennai Citi center with the food court and the huge shops. We had food at the food court, not to forget the struggle for finding a seat in that crowd!( 😮 ) I was too sleepy and tired (maybe cos of the journey, or else I don’t get that easily tired! I swear! 😐 You don’t believe me right? Thank you! 😀 ) After few mins of “bird-watching”, we were planning to go to Fab india and few more window-shopping, but I was too tired and sleepy, and hence we went back to Tina’s house, and I had an indeed good sleep! Woke up at 6-6.30 but still was too sleepy to hang out. We went to Reshmy’s place ; not to forget the horrible fight with the first adamant autowalah, who refused to put the meter!! In between BTM bus stop to her place, we checked in the food world, and then had “corn” on the way home.

Finally after reaching back to Tina’s place, we three placed home delivery orders which reached after few mins. We had Mazaa as “drink” ( 😛 ) along with the Kulcha’s and fried rice and the paneer curry. Since there was nothing else to do with the guitar and her lappy, we decided to play on scrabble at 11 in the night which went on till 1.30 in the morning!! Resh topped the game which finished with my “OZ” ( 😉 ). We also called some of our school friends Ashwini and Shino and the double coincidence was that it was Ashwini’s Birthday on Sunday!!! Memories flew back to our minds and started chirping heavily till we dozed off…

Sunday I woke up at around 10 am!!! ( 😮 ), crumbling all the planned schedule. As there was no other go, (yeah, 10 to 1 is not enough for 3 girls to get ready .. what you thought!! 😐 ) we had noodles as breakfast and managed to reach the PVR at exactly 1.15 for the 1.30 show. Grabbing popcorn n pepsi cups, we finally got in the theatre to find that the rows allocated were just 4th away from the screen!! Hmm…
After film, at around 4 we rushed to the Pizza hut in the Forum, as it was the long awaited wish of Resh to have pizza!! Resh’s friends-cum-roomies were also there with us for the film and also the Pizza. By the time we got out, it was already 5.30 and there was the Commercial Street left!! 😐 Before that, we checked in the Big Bazaar nearby and bought 2 handbags one for me and one for Resh. Strolling down the commercial street, we shopped from the road-side shops, and then checked into the Titan showroom for getting the Fasttrack for TRV. (Short form for Tina!! 😛 , nice abbrv. right??? hehe) After huge confusion, we finally selected one, and me n Resh decided to buy it for TRV as b’day gift! But alas!, with her sharp eyes, she found a small scratch which even the ants wont have found out and we had to drop the plan. Taking down the model number, we moved on back and forth the street, to get my watch repaired and also to get some shawls, with the main thing as the gift for TRV which we couldn’t get till the end! 🙁

After all these, when we were about to leave, rains splashed like hell and stopped us in the shop for about 15 mins!! 😐 Till that time, I had good opinion of B’lore with cool climate and good roads and malls n that n this, but now, when need came, not even one auto was ready to give lift for us!!! When the rain subsided, we had to walk in the water-till-knee till the nearest junction, across and forth, and finally as if miracle, one autowalah agreed to go till Koramangala!! In that shock I even asked him whether he is really ready to go!!! 😮 Anyways it was already nearing 8.30 and my bus boarding time was at 9.30 from Madiwala. The huge traffic at the night with the flowing water, and cars and motorists splashing them onto us, while some foreigners inhaled and puffed out stylishly in the adjacent car, throwing the last piece out in the road, the clear lightning through the trees above, reaching home half drenched, hurrying up with packing n changing, with TRV helping and Resh buying biscuits which I didn’t had, the running back to the main street to get an auto which we got finally for 50 bucks!!(From Venkatapura to Madiwala), and finally the checking in at KPN travels office!!! Phew! What a race!!
My friends left me at the office, after my travel-cum-online friends Saiyan n Vince turned up. The return journey was smooth except for the long wait at Bomanahalli as the bus was late and did not start until 11. I’d planned to get down as near as possible, but we came to know late that it doesn’t stop nearby my place and hence me n Saiyan got down at T.Nagar, from which at an expense of 170 bucks in auto!!, we both reached our respective homes!!! 😀

The trip was excellent and a refreshing one for me, and I am really planning to go there again.. Yeah baby one more time!!! 😀

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