Special birthday

Two months to finish off this year. The routine still continues without a change. Of isolation. Of the late sleeping and waking up and the occasional study for the kid. Without any ounce of seriousness. After all who needs more seriousness in this pandemic. It feel so strange and in an alien world to talk about this pandemic as if we have gone years behind and we are talking about war happening elsewhere.

The silence is still not perturbed whole day. Except for the excitement of the kid. As always. Every year. The only thing missing was the cake. I felt it absurd to fulfill the wishes of a kid by either ordering or making the effort to make one considering the circumstances. Not only about the “unprecedented “ situation but also because of the effects of death in the family and the roller coaster effect of it on me. The despair as this article talks about. That’s what been plaguing me for many days now.

There are positives that few people still remember the birthday. A few close wishes which is more than enough. When I hid the birthdate on Facebook this time, the road became very clear. Apart from the usual expected calls and messages no surprises and no awkward conversations. The online gaming still carried on.

That’s how the day went. As usual. Except for the new dress she made me to wear and the mini photo session we had as we could not lose the chance to appreciate the moment where in we dressed up after a long time! And except for the sweet snack made in the evening by her and her grandmother. With a usual birthday card and a makeshift necklace which we both can never use. And that’s how I celebrated my birthday this year! Without any special extravaganza. A special birthday indeed, ain’t it?

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