Film review – Sillinu Oru Kaadhal

Last night, I accidently heard the song from the film “Sillinu oru kaadhal”(or is it “Jillinu oru kaadhal!.. bah! I dono!! who cares!). It reminded me of the film story again.

The story goes like this. Gautam(Surya) is married to Kundavi(Jyothika) and has a kid also. A happy family of age 8 years with the usual tensions at times. Then one day, while, Gautam is out of station, Kundavi finds his old diary, and starts reading it. In the diary, he says about his college days, his college love, Aishu(Bhumika Chawla), who is a Telugu girl and daughter of some minister (high position type!) and how they were in love, the happy days, and then finally the decision to run-away and get married inspite of her parents reluctance, and in the end, how they gets splitted up in the register court, cos of her father’s tactics..(Its shown in the film, that by the time, the villain ppl separates the love-couple, the knot has been tied between Gautam and Aishu.) The diary ends with a note, that his sole wish is to meet Aishu just once more.. Kundavi then decides to make the two people unite once more, to fulfill his wishes! And as filmy as it can be, Aishu is shown returning from Australia and is still angry with her father and family. Kundavi meets her up (And provides us a hint that Aishu is still living as Gautam’s wife!). After a stretched drama, Kundavi manages to make Gautam and Aishu meet at their house. The film ends with Kundavi returning back home, only to find a farewell note from Aishu to her, saying that she is thankful to her for this meeting before her departure back to Australia, and also assured her that, she realized from the talk she had with Gautam, that he loves only Kundavi now, and has completely moved on from the past… Thereafter Gautam and Kundavi lives happily everafter!

The film has a happy ending and the onscreen chemistry of Surya and Jyothika was a big hit as always. But the song, “Munpe vaa” portraying Aishu and Gautam of their happy college days is a bitter one, as in the end, its not portrayed what happens to Aishu and how she lives on. Why is that relationship not given that much importance from Gautam’s side? He was rebellious in his college days to break her away from her family and to get married. Why hasn’t he felt or given any thoughts to how she might have been living? Why did he hide the fact from Kundavi? Maybe cos he doesn’t think of it anymore. But if she too had married someone else and had moved on from the past, then we could have concluded its really a happy ending. Here, its absurd!! They say, the time is different, time heals all wounds, all pains… Maybe its true, but what about some scars which never heal? Maybe pains get cured, but how to erase those memories?

I guess life itself is absurd, leave alone the films and stories!!


  1. Hi,

    I don’t know tamil and never see tamil movie

    But as u described the movie and ur comments about love before marriage and after marriage just remind me of “Humko Deemana kar gaye”

    Did u watched this movie I really love its last dialog by Anil Kapoor and Kartina Kaif

    Story is simple

    “One guy and Girl meet by chance then slowly slowly they feel its love”

    “Twist is that “Guy(Akshay Kumar) and Girl(KartinaKaif) are already engaged to (Bipasha basu) and (Anil Kapoor)”

    Anil Kapoor is a big shot in market. He is business tycoon and even after his engagement he rarely spent time with kartrina kaif

    Suddently Katrina Kaif meet Akshay Kumar by chance. They become friends and feel love.

    Now, kartina Kaif has to marry Anil Kapoor and she did that but there was one awsome moment.

    After Marriage

    Katrina kaif says “Ab mein Tan Mann Dhann Sabse aapki(Anil Kapoor)
    hu”(No I m yours by means of My Body Money and Faith)

    Anil Kapoor asks “Kya Ek pal ke liye bhi mujhe un nazaroon se dekh sakti ho jinse tumne usko dekha tha”(Can u just see me by that feel as u was seeing him(Akshay Kumar)

    Kartina Kaif ki aankhen jhuk jati hai(See feels I m sorry I can’t)

    Thats the moment i love so much

    Everyone says girls are practical but a girl when loves a guy she did it from heart rarely she think about other guy.

    Thats love It just happens once

    I know that movies are larger than life and I don’t know U.

    After reading your post I just rememebr this story and i like to share it with u

  2. hmm.. i too wanted to see the film actually, but couldn’t…. πŸ™
    film ke end mein kya hota hai????

  3. Don’t be yarr i will arrange it for you Bolo ji kahan delivery karni hai movie ki

    Movie ke end mein Ani Kapoor Akshay Kumar se kehta hai jia(katrina kaif) meri ho kar bhi meri na ho saki. Yeh tumhari thi aur tumhari hi rahegi

    Mere pass sab kuch hai lekin…

    Aur fir Akshay Kumar aur Katrina kaif ki marriage ho jati hai

    Aapne yeh movie nahin dekhi. If noot yarr u should watch its a awsome movie on relationships.

  4. ^^ Ya your r right it only happens in reel life not real life

    But i beleive that if u have desire and u know what ur destiny is then it can also happen in real life

    There is nothing wrong with your love. Only ting that metters is how u express your love

    How much believe u have on your love

    Love is all about trust care and understanding

    If these three factors are there then it can also happen in real life.

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