Happy birthday!

Happy birthday to my w810i! It was on this day, last year, which falls on a weekday, at around night 7-8pm with my friend, that I bought this mobile phone, from Spencer’s plaza Chennai for a whooping amount of 22k! Ehem!
It was a long run search for me that time, I was confused whether to go Symbian or not, and had the options of w800i, n70, and then this w810i. To know more about how frantic and desperate I was, you can go through the following threads at various forums (chronological order):





Not to forget the innumerous chat sessions, and discussions of pros n cons and that n this of various phones and technologies and its usage! bah!

I would really like to thank each one of them who stood by me in the mind battle and did not let me down inspite of my stubborn nature.Thanks to my parents and my mom, who gave the support to spend that much money (:P), Thanks to my cousin who I troubled lot for the same..and last, but not least, thanks to the friend who was with me, arguing and supporting, bearing my tantrums that day while buying the mobile! 🙂

It might seem to be a strange coincidence, but today, I am wearing the same dress, as the same day last year, with those black metal kinda earrings, with only few differences that, I have gone so thin(!!) and also that I don’t have the friend with me anymore. But on a lighter note, I still managed to attain a ‘sent message count’ of 9150 (at the time of blog posting) for the whole year!!! 😀

EDIT: Surpassed 10k sent messages on this saturday, April 21st! 😉


  1. HI,

    Congrats for ur phone

    U r really dil se attached with your phone

    Where’s ur friend ?

    Happy BDAY to ur W810i


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