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So many thoughts, but very few words. This happens many times. When we feel like posting about something or the other, but we become the victim of the starting trouble disease. Today, its not only the starting trouble problem for me, I don’t even know about what to write about. So many random thoughts filling in the mind..

Thought of writing a nostalgic post about childhood, dad, mom, sis, about how we used to enjoy the Saturdays n Sundays at home, about how me, mom and sis used to go for films for watching movies, about how me n dad used to watch the cricket from the sofa in the hall, about how I used to watch the sanskrit news and the news for the impaired in DD1, about how I learnt riding the cycle, about the first time I was granted to ride the Kinetic by dad, while coming back from the tuition classes, about how he used to advice me on reading the English newspaper, Hindu, about how we all together enjoy the regional feature film at 4.00 pm every Sunday sipping mom’s tea, the cuddled nap (rather sleep) in Sunday afternoons, the school friends, the various singing classes, entrance tuitions, women’s college friends, the enjoyment of being among the gang, admission to engineering, college friends, bunking of classes, the group song rehearsals, the group dance (the first and also the last I guess) rehearsals, the leg-pulling, the semester and university exams, the campus interviews, the placement, shifting to Chennai, the missing of the good old school and family friends, sister’s marriage, newly born nephew, the times I took the first and second nephews in my hands, their staring eyes, and many more…..

Thought of writing about the Chennai memories, the Kelambakkam, Baba Ashram, the training classes, the first hostel life with the room mates and hostel mates, enjoying the cyclone with Antakshari and songs, the glances of the northie boys, the canteen, the dhaba, the learning of new languages, making new friends, sharing the stories with people, moving to new flat with new room mates, getting adjusted to the various situations, sharing their silent tears, their ups and downs, their anger, their frustrations, the group outings for films and beach and shopping, the boring lonely days, sharing of personal life stories and their secrets and fears, the marriages, the career growth and many more…

Thought of writing about life, human beings, the intrications of human mind, brain, body, the diseases, the curable and non-curable, the patients, our loved ones, the short-living nature of life, the pressures, the tensions, the tears, the fears, the emotions, the greediness for money, luxury, the changing life-style, the hip-hop style, the bare truth of death, the comparison, the dreams, the unfulfilled wishes, the innumerous people of the world, love, faith, friendship, and other relations, the various beliefs for which we fight for, the past relations, the years we lived so far….

Aaah.. I am getting headache……I don’t know what to write in this post yet… better stop now..


  1. Good post… next time onwards, don’t give a tame ending like this one. 😛

    archana raghuram –
    She’s indeed an expert. I guess many would’ve subscribed to the blog for such kind of posts!

  2. As usual expert and genius in beyond everything thinking…

    Archana ji have u ever tried poetry I thinks u can be a master in that too…


    before subsribbing to here i already read ur warnings on your blog …
    beware sentimental posts 😛

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