I love taking photos. Rather I guess I love admiring nature. The sky, the flowers, the angles, the view points, the animals and wildlife, the colors, the portraits, the macro’s, the photo effects…

Long back, I had bought my first digital camera, canon a400 to feed my hobby called photograpy. There was the web forums where in I could showcase my pictures to obtain comments and feedback from talented amateur photographers and that too in layman terms. In those days, the DeviantArt site was popular for photographers and I didn’t knew about Flickr at all. I could find there are more professional people using Flickr these days.

After my cold deal with Flickr, I have been uploading most of my photos in Picasaweb. I have now almost 4 to 5 public albums in addtion to the DeviantArt. It includes the time pass photo sessions along with the Mysore snaps. So here we go.

The above is majorly of random clicks here n there. The Deviant Art pictures were the preliminary ones I clicked and the current assorted album is Clicks.

The Mysore Snaps have already been talked of in here again and again. So no more on that.

The latest is the wildlife shoot, I was keen on, but then I realized I am not in Singapore n all, to get such a close shot of them, and that too in a shaky safari trip!. So the number of good photos obtained are very less.

Feel free to criticize or to comment!!! 🙂


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