Orange hues

Orange shades,
Of sun rising up,
The rays that touch the corners,
Of the world.

Bringing a new day,
A new dawn,
With air that smells refresh,
After the rain,
At night.

It was raining hard,
I could remember,
But now the time is gone,
And time to move on.

Miles to go indeed,
The clichΓ© that is true.
For every life we are born into,
Have to be made worthwhile.

Not in the money that we earn,
But how we spend them instead,
And the relations we create,
The sparks of those moments,
Sensations that creep up,
The joy and pleasure in the heart,
The smile on our lips,
Reflection of the purity of soul.

And when sun sets at dusk,
Again in the orange hues,
With no debts of love,
And no heavy bags of guilt,
We rest in peace,
Deep asleep.

Inspired by Writing 101.


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