Mid life crisis again

Have you ever felt what you really need to do in life? I know this happens mostly in mid twenties. I am almost past that phase but still hoping for that unique work which interests me. Now there are more responsibilities since N is born, but still. So many people keep asking about returning to work, and I use N as excuse, to escape from further questions.

Why do they consider being jobless with such a shame. Being independent is indeed necessary but can’t we have the freedom to decide when to work, what to work etc. I know its difficult to return work after break, but that’s the society problem not that of individuals na?

Then there is the stay at home group who say they are relieved to some extent and are happy with their decision to bring the children up. More and more I read about such blogs or people I find that convenient option cos you need to be either a super woman who is career ambitious or in pathetic financial situation in dire need of job to manage both work and home. Though I don’t think I do most of the work my mom did when she was working and handling we both kids I am already fed up at times..! Maybe when need arises, like every woman does, I too may be able to handle both but I am yet to find the motivation for that. Currently I Ann happy with N with the only regret that I am unable to make out more time for myself be it for networking or to update any skills or making use of the free little time available…

This too shall pass…I hope…maybe when I turn 30? People say many strange things happen when you turn thirty!…

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