Life with N, Facebook and other things

Yes.. She makes me busy. She laughs, smiles and talks some gibberish! Its indeed a roller coaster ride with some good days and some bad days… Her smiles and achievements make me proud and happy while some of her tantrums more aptly called as stubbornness makes me go mad.. Her favourite words are tata for going out, maamam for food and bua for dog (in our language). I am surprised that’s its already 15 months, how time flies! And now she is into practising walking. And now I have to stoop to her level and walk behind her to catch when she falls! My back is gone.

In between, my internet life has got limited to Facebook owing to time limitations. And mostly its at night after she has slept.. So my sleep and my sleepy eyes are also compromised. But its interesting to find so many moms digging Facebook similarly… That’s a relief!

So many other thoughts do come up in my mind, mostly philosophical as always, but could never find the time to pen it all down..

Hmmm..maybe another post for that..

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