#MicroblogMondays – Revisiting Dreams

I recently watched “How old are you” malayalam movie in one of my movie marathons. The theme revolves around middle-aged woman who lives with her usual laziness and mechanical life routine, and how she gets inspired to change them altogether and start living for herself, by dreaming again. In the film, there is a catchy line, which says, your dream is your signature.

And me, being the rebel, instantly asks back, what if you don’t have a dream. I can hear the answer myself somewhere deep down, “create one for yourself”. And that’s where I get quiet. I do have so many dreams for myself, which I do not know whether I will achieve or are just daydreams.

I read an answer in Quora, which pacifies people like your truly, who doesn’t dare to dream. And then there is the dismissed dream by Corinne, which makes me pull back all my dismissed dreams and goals and tempts me to work towards it, for which I need to find my daily motivation first.

More than the dreams, the motivation plays a major role in our lives. That makes us work towards fulfilling the dream. And it can come from anywhere. In the film, there developed a need to stop being butt of other’s jokes. And the motivation came from her friends.

How about you? What motivates you to work towards your dream?

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