To be honest, I went completely blank when I saw the prompt for the Festival of words at WriteTribe. There goes all my attempts at taking part in this festival. I can’t make it for Day 5. But my mind had started reeling slowly.

What inspiration should I be blogging about? I am one of those who dig the internet for inspiring articles so that I could pull myself up when I feel low. The newspapers are busy making money with the approaching Women’s Day with articles screaming “inspiration”. But still, there are many. Which one should I choose?

The invisible inspiration from my mother, like many other mothers of the previous generation, a working woman raised up her young girls, without a cook, and some days without maid, and at times being a single parent, when her husband had to work out of station, in the times when there was no security of gated communities and apartments, and when the ladies rarely drove any vehicle?

The house maid who works everyday for a meagre amount, even when her ageing body unable to take the physical strain of the job she does, fails her on some days?

The women who lives on to tell the tale of how life forced them to do the worst jobs in this world?

The stories of how disabled women live life to the fullest, working around all the troubles thrown at them by fate, when compared to the depressing life amid the fortunes by the abled beings?

The inspiration from the day-to-day happenings around me, from the stories of amazing women I hear and read about, and share on social media?

The courage and inner strength of the women portrayed in all those mythological stories?

On second thoughts, I think why should I restrict to women alone. All the above instances would stand true if I replace women with men too. The young toddler in my house inspires me everyday on how to live life the simplest way, by not keeping any grudges, forgiving easily, laughing and loving all the time.

Inspiration comes from all beings. It is always around us. We just have to pick it up.

So nothing special about to write for today. Or did I just write one?


  1. I so agree with you. Inspiration is everywhere. I just saw one leaf dangling in strong wind. Wind stopped. but that leaf didn’t fall. That was inspiration for me.
    Ana recently posted…The Beetle GirlMy Profile

  2. That was smart of you to find inspiration in all categories of women and you have generously added men too.I agree with you one need not be renowned or an achiever to inspire.Even the maid who slogs dutifully and efficiently all days in a week is an object for emulation in efficient working without complaining.
    KP recently posted…The young man’s impulseMy Profile

  3. A very true post with real examples of not only women but men and toddlers too. Without citing a proper example you have sent a strong message for all those looking for inspirations.

    Inspiration comes from all beings. It is always around us. We just have to pick it up.
    well said.
    Kalpana Solsi recently posted…Big heartsMy Profile

  4. I love this quote “Inspiration comes from all beings. It is always around us. We just have to pick it up.”. You are so right…as long as we look for it, we can find inspiration in everyone or everything!

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