Independence day weekend 2013

Last weekend was a long one Aug 15 to 18th, with RK taking leave on Friday. We had plans initially to go for a weekend getaway, but as always, we were late in our planning, and we were still searching for places to go and scouting for hotels on 14th night. Searched for all the places under 150km minus Mysore, but we could not get any good hotel bookings. Finally, we went to Club Cabana along with another RK’s friend and family. Again on Friday, we could not make up any plans and ended up being at home, sulking for ruining our holiday. And at night, we just decided, we would have a long drive to Yelagiri, and if we get any rooms, would stay there or come back.

Over the last year, with our new Honda Jazz car, we have made few short trips, and the ride was quite enjoyable enough to grow on me. The only hesitation was N has to get used to the long drives without throwing up. Every journey which has been more than one hour, including the Majestic trip, has been problematic with N throwing up, and getting cranky, crying before and after. The truth is, I needed to get adjusted to her queasiness. Two long trips in 2012, one to Mysore, which should be short technically, but turned too long, and then to Mahabalipuram in December, has ignited me the passion for travel, which belonged to RK, and which I have been evading all along.

The Yelagiri trip was uneventful, and was a pleasure ride. As written in online reviews, there was nothing much to see, apart from a nature park and boating on the lake. Though called poor man’s Ooty, it was no where close to the original paradise. Maybe the timing was wrong. We started at around 10.30am and reached around 2pm in time for the buffet at Sterling resort, Marigold Ridge. The rooms were available, the weather was cloudy and good, but Bangalore was way cooler and I was not impressed with the so-called hill station. So we drove back to wind up at 10pm. 

Sunday was remaining, and I was eager to make use of it to do some home errands and shopping. By the time, morning laziness wore off, the film, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara started on TV. It was a long pending movie on my list, and we ended up watching amidst all the advertisements till 3pm. Day gone. I did liked the film and theme which matched to my wavelength, but the reality is very few can dare and travel like that. The impracticality combined with the view of arranged marriage conflict let me down.

The weekend grocery shopping was not to be missed, and though we tried to combine it with regular shopping, Bangalore streets and malls were too crowded. The offers did not offer great collection, the trial rooms were packed, and N was getting hungry ( a recently formed tactic of wanting to eat whenever we go out) and late, and it was more than enough to drain my shopping spirit and call the shots.

All in all, the weekend has left me wanting me more to quench my travel thirst, and has triggered the planning organizer module/activity in me now. 

Next weekend holiday and the target is Ganesh Chaturthi, September 9. Wish me luck!


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