I was never interested in politics. But still, this book, Chanakya’s Chant was on the must-read list at the stores, during a sale, when I went on a book-buying spree. I did know bits and pieces of Chanakya so got it home, without second thoughts.

The start was good and gripping. The quotes were amazing and sharp as if arrows are shot at the bull’s eye every now and then. But by the time I was middle way through I lost interest. There is not much suspense since the story is known already, and the method chosen did not entice me much. I had believed that Chanakya was a great mastermind, but if the story is true, he has lost my respect. Agreed that, in politics, there is no place for friendships or humanity, but I cannot ever glorify such a victory based on double-games.

There are other historical stories which shows different persona of kings and rulers. Say, Jodha and Akbar, or the love of Shah Jahan for Mumtaz. The warrior aspect of the Indian rulers were huge contrast to the personal life according to the history. I still cannot digest the heartfelt love of Shah Jahan for creating TajMahal, for he is supposed to cut off hands of those labourers after the completion of TajMahal. Some say its selfish love, but when the limit is crossed, its just selfishness with the absence of love.


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