Half year updates 2016

Long time again.

Do you know how writer’s block happens to me, most of the time? It starts with my mood swings and end up having the negative thoughts about my thoughts and notes. We feel, whatever we wrote just now, need not be published, and is not worth it. Remember how in the movies, every writer, throws up paper after paper on the floor, filling the room with crumpled papers? Well, the only change these days is that it happens digital now. I did blog about this not too long back.

In between, I did try to launch a photo calendar in the beginning of last year, though the promotion post still lies somewhere in my drafts. Recently I also tried to upload some old music on soundcloud, since muziboo had been shut down. The Facebook mania has slowly worn out somehow, but the Instagram and Twitter addictions are still hanging around. I have even taken down the Facebook page for this blog, since there were so many likes which seemed like trolls and not real fans. What do you mean by fan after all. I am not a celebrity, and people who really want to read my thoughts can always log on to this website. The name is obviously too simple for it. I too had lot many subscriptions on Feedly and liked many pages on Facebook, but if I ever want to read the blogs, I just type or google the names, and instantly they show up.

On Twitter, I log on whenever I just want to listen to others, or to post random thoughts on anything. Most of the twitter followers are purely online friends, and I don’t think anyone knows me personally, which gives me the boost to post fearlessly. On Instagram, though I do not post photos daily, the photo challenges and the inspirations from other photos keeps me going. Just like reading a blog post, or reading a book or listening to music, can give you satisfaction, there are times, when you sift through random photos, and can lift your mood up.

On home front, we ended up baking some mango muffins as the mango season almost got over. It was the first time, we prepared the recipe to the T and the muffins did not get burnt! Though they were very dry, perfectly baked muffins were a good achievement. The next thing to tackle is the cookies.

The long school vacation enabled me to read many books this year. I am trying to catch up on the Goodreads Challenge too. You can see the ratings and the books that I have read if you connect with me on Goodreads.

Apart from surfing on internet, binge watching random videos and articles about celebrities, there are times I end up searching Google for peculiar topics. Last week, I was searching for penpals around since I had not any ever. I even got a Parker pen, as I was itching to write on notebook. The digital writing affection, although helps to organize a lot better, I do miss writing on a diary, experimenting with fonts and curves of alphabets. The instant chatting online acted as an instant gratification few years ago, overshadowing handwritten letters. Do you like writing letters or mails? Then please do write or mail to me. Though I did not had any pen pal friends, I have written long emails, and I am really eager to try the postal method. If digital version suits you better, I am okay to handle them too. 🙂

PS: Have you noticed I was randomly blabbering about unrelated topics. That’s how it all started. Publishing this blog after a long time. Please ignore the unstructured form… Really wanted to kick the procastinating mind today and post something to break the rut. Connecting this to #BlogChatter for its monthly prompt.

What’s up from your side.?

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