Film Review: Fashion

Everyone is flooding the theatres to watch Fashion. Not for the film, but for the beauties.  😛

But as if I am a strange alien, I have been thinking too much over it. The hype around the film, expanded my eyes and ears for in-depth analysis of the film that came out as a review. So checkout my “Fashion” film review posted or rather guest blogged on “The Newspaper Blog” which is run by Ashwin from Chennai. No, no, its not a popular daily or weekly journal or something, but the blog is popular for its Torrents, Movies and TV show reviews. Long back, that blog contained tips and tricks for eligible people to woo girls and win hearts or ways to be romantic, but now I guess he is busy belling the CAT and smoking Apples and Mac!!


The film, Fashion, has the tagline, that “In the world of fashion, you will have to give up more than just your morals”. To simplify the post, I would say, the first half of the film is “what and how morals are being given up as you enter the industry” and the latter half shows, “what more you may give up in that world”.

The promo’s are showing mainly of 3 models, but I would say, they are just 3 representatives of 3 paths and ways in the industry.

Every film of his, have made me feel to the soul, flashing me the reality of the world and reminding me again and again, “yeah, this is the world we live in”. But, this film had no such effect.

She looked very natural, though people may find her boring, with all time drugs and smoking! I feel, she also could have portrayed the emotional side better if she were provided more scenes in the latter half.

Enjoy reading!!! 😀


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  3. Nice review. I was planning to write one. But changed my mind. Frankly speaking I didn’t like the movie. Although it holds you through out the duration, the impact is subtle (unlike Page 3). All fashion designers are not Gay. All socialites are not bad.

    The movie could have been aptly titled “modeling”

  4. @Mayur: yup indeed.. there was nothing related to “fashion”.. maybe modelling industry is also known as fashion industry among them…

    @kidakaka: yup..sorry for late reply.. did you watch finally?

    @Sree: me too… thanks!!! 🙂

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