3 Tips for Bachelors to Enjoy Weekend

The month of October would have been a relief to all the people who stay out of home. There were more than holidays comprising of Pooja holidays and the Diwali holidays. The working professionals had to take leave maybe, but that’s worthful, considering the importance of festivals and also because there is almost 2 months before the next Christmas/New Year holidays. Again now its loneliness and boredom for coming weeks. Atleast that’s what you feel when you board the train/bus back, at the end of the holidays, unless you are not dating at your workplace!

The students who study in colleges out of home town won’t be that bored I suppose, because college/hostel life is entirely different from the bachelor life. There maybe similarities in the freedom, but you seldom feel lonely enough to brood over. You never think of the future life or your goals and there is mostly the protective shade of parents over you. Once you start earning on your own, you are considered a grown-up and left alone at most of the times. There are friends to go out with but everyone is left on their own at some point of the other. Or maybe, you even sometimes feel low enough to not respond to any of them and be on your own. So on weekends or extra holidays or during those times, when we are on our own, we are unsure what to do at home.

Girls mostly prefer being at home, watching TV, or doing cooking experiments for themselves (which is very rarely nowadays) or reading some magazines or books or sleeping most of the time(mostly this is what happens). I don’t know much about guys, but I guess, (if no internet), they would do mainly sleeping (with Pop songs on??) or read some book (rarely??) or (if online) keep browsing or playing games(again with English Rock, Hip Hop or Rap songs on? :P), if they are not hanging out with friends and having a drink!! Even I have been at home similarly doing all these. But looking back now, I feel I could have done something else like the following:

Change your style:
Everyone prefers change. Not a drastic one, but even a small change makes a lot difference. It gives unintentionally a feeling that there are more in life to enjoy rather than be at home. So get yourself a entirely different haircut or a facial, a manicure or pedicure, or whatever you can afford, so that you can look good and thereby feel good! Moreover, personal grooming is always necessary when you are of marriageable age! (Helps you and your parents!)
If you like shopping, give it a try. It doesn’t mean you need to buy and spend money like anything. Ever heard of window shopping? Just check out various stores and keep experimenting. The trial rooms are exclusively for you. So don’t worry if you didn’t like the dress, no one has seen you in those either!!! But keep your credit card at home before experimenting!!!

Get knowledge:
“I just passed out of college and got this wonderful job. Why you want me to study again? “Nopes. I didn’t mean to pursue MBA or M.Tech or abroad studies n all.
Working whole day and sleeping all night gives no time in weekdays to improve for ourselves. We are left with no time to pursue other interests or skills. So in the time available now, think of your future goals, and do preparations on your own. In short time, you would need to get yourself a vehicle, say either a bike or car, or even a property (Yeah, there are people who have bought houses within few years of them being in jobs!!). There won’t be much time to do the research when needed. So you can read newspapers and keep track of the business trends to know what’s happening around. You can check in at the stores to see the reviews or visit the property sites if needed.
You can even start learning a new skill or language. The recession time has seen so many cut in jobs and insecurity. What if you are thrown out suddenly from your job. I guess you can develop a hobby which you are passionate about, say graphic designing or sharpening your programming/design skills. Start with DIY kinda jobs at home, so that we don’t make our brains dull.You can even try out cooking if you are fond of; there would be a time when you cannot afford hotel food all the time, and when you need to live on your own!!!

Take up exercise:
Yeah, I know this is an old saying. But a useful one. A long walk is more than enough for starters.And you need not have to get up early in the morning, if you are lazy like me! There maybe advantages of walking in morning, but any time is better than never. There are girls, who join singing/dancing classes in their pass time, and dance is a very good exercise for them. (Nowadays there are dance classes meant for exercise too for both guys n girls!). If you are shy of dancing, walking is best. Go for a stroll in the evening nearby. You will find out many till-now-unknown shops, stores, agencies, street shortcuts to find for yourself, which would be helpful later!!!

P.S:- Of course, there are other ways too, like finding a girlfriend/boyfriend, catching up with latest movies, painting, art work, reading a good book or even my blog!!! 😀 Have a smashing weekend!!!


  1. @rajni: thank you!! 😀

    @Abid: human beings do hate change, but when they are forced to change either implicitly or explicitly with time, they cannot look back and make use of the time they had with them to change themselves!!!
    on second thoughts, except for grooming, where did I asked anyone to change! 🙂

  2. Hey!! Nice one .. I liked the tip about get knowledge .. seriously. I should also consider the one about exercise 😀
    Change is needed in life … whenever one feels that his/her life has hit a rut, they should bring in about such a change that removes the boredom of the rut!!

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