Call of the Abyss

Its here again. Every time it comes and drowns me in its deepest abyss. Then I slowly crawl out of survival instinct and start swimming against the tide. If not, I am sure i would be carried away to the cliff and would be pushed over. Most of the times this swimming against the tide takes longer time during which, I fizzle out of my energy and land back further my initial position. Yet I try. The human nature of survival is unexplained. The source of strength magically appears when we least think of it. 

For months now, the social media has been a distraction, an excuse for me not to hone my creativity skills(if any). Every day I would think, I would start practising doing the morning pages or attempt to do some DIY or learn new art of painting or crafting, but a tempting choice of glancing through the digital devices before the start, glues me onto it for the rest of the day. Apart from scrolling the feed and stalking other inspirational profiles, some for curiosity and some for art, music and other interests of mine, the feeling of posting something on my own has come down.
But on a few days when I could reign myself in, I did end up creating this mandala, which is my new love interest these days.

And then there is the watercolor and acrylic painting classes which tempts me so much, but the prospect of learning and then giving up, holds me back. It’s as if I have some serious commitment issues when it comes to productivity.  Can you believe I haven’t taken any photos too lately? For someone who did a photo per day for one whole year and gloated about it, this seems to be so out of character.

Yet I try tinkering around, playing with paints like the ones below, or completing some books(did I mention about Harry Potter? that deserves a full post!)

Some say music helps, but I wonder whether it would help the 8 year old at home, when I am blasting “In the End It doesn’t even matters” on the bluetooth speaker! The easiest way till now was to go back to roots, listening to plain old carnatic music with the violin and melancholy ragas, which can improve our mood so subtly that we would not know how long the music has been playing. But its hard to make the new generation (who talks nothing more than gonna and wanna), appreciate such old beauties.
How do you usually get out of “the abyss”?

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