Adding to your life

Today, in a casual conversation at my dance classes, I was asked where I work.

“I don’t work,” I gave my usual reply.

” Oh.. So you are a house wife…”, came the retort instantly.

I merely nodded. Though I did notice the smirk on his face. Maybe he didn’t mean it, but the mere thought of someone judging me based on what I do, lowered my respect a bit towards him for a few seconds.

Afterwards, I pondered on what troubled me at that instant. Found that it was not the other person, but my inability to validate myself in front of others. The years of conditioning of society around us has made it difficult for us to accept an off beaten path. The trail of questioning on life and our self worth triggers all the emotional upheaval ruining our moods for a while. Then we get up and start walking again shaking off the dirt, as time moves on.

I still cannot fathom why we expect human beings to keep earning. Isn’t living life more important? The small green plant above in the pic, spreads so much greenery in the sand park we visit most days.

What if every human being maybe adding some beauty to this world unknown to themselves or others? How will then it matter, how long did it take to grow to become this beautiful? I don’t have the answers to why I made the choices in the present or the past or to what are the future plans. I like to believe that I am working inwards to grow beautiful to whoever glances upon me.
Be it for a brief moment, tempting others to click my soul image and save in their memory…

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