A visit to the library


Today I had a mood upsetting argument with the librarian……

Without revealing much, I can say I may have taken too much liberty in breaking the rules as the library was completely empty as it was a weekday afternoon, 12pm to be exact. I retracted my steps as per the rules, but left the place with an agitated mind.

I realized later that, what irked me was not the actual rules but the way it was told to me. I was made to feel guilty of doing a grave mistake and not cooperating with her. Human beings are born with a curse of ego which when touched upon, can cause wars.

I am at an age where I am slowly understanding the intricacies of the art of communication. How it impacts others and how the effectiveness of using words and sentences can turn the conversation direction to better or worse. I was of the belief that the emotions and intention mattered more than the actual words, but now I realise I maybe wrong.

I so wish I could convince her properly how we both were equally right and wrong and could have veered the conversation to an amicable solution rather than blackening the dark clouds… …..

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