30 day challenge?

Recently I was searching for some inspirational videos, quotes and posts which could lift my sombre mood, and I found this TED Talk of doing something new for 30 days. I had already heard of blogging marathon, or the novel writing in the month of November, which are some of the “do it in 30 days” challenges. But one of the slides mentions that its also an opportunity to reduce or subtract something from your life. While reading on time management tips from Preeti Shenoy, I found that I spend lot time wasting on Facebook. I would read the innumerous feeds, searching for inspirations, links and clicks, to follow what other people do, rather than searching myself on what can I do, and doing that then and there. Procastination has been a habit every afternoon when my little one sleeps. Thats the only me time I get and I spend wasting on internet reading and catching up what others are doing.

I am thinking of some resolution at this point that I will not check out FB, unless I do something creative enough to show others off. Rather I would just concentrate on this blogging to see whether it really excites me much. This will not be one post a day challenge, but I wish to take up that soon.

Let me control my cravings first, and then see whether I can embark on another journey.

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