Year end thoughts

The holidays are at the doorstep. The air is cheerful. It has indeed some positive vibes. The annual holidays in some companies is sometimes a boon to the persons who want to travel but are too workaholic. Next week, we are on a Rajasthan vacation covering Jaipur, Ajmer Pushkar and Jodhpur.
As much I wish to cover it as a photo essay or a travelogue, the absence of day to day motivations for the same never  allows the dream to get fulfilled. The NaBloPoMo original month got over. There is a recently discovered group of bloggers, WriteTribe which encourages writers by providing occasional prompts to break you out of the mental block. Then there is the Facebook group for Women Bloggers discussing problem issues with blogging and making money, but does not provide prompts. I remember being part of similar Marathon Bloggers group which provided prompts, but I removed myself from it as I felt I was not doing any blogging at all that time. I read many of the blogs, and started writing with great urge in last december but I felt I could not stand up myself to the commitment and shunned myself away. Though I wish a miracle had happened, and words could just flow from me, completing a challenge which would really shake me up and put me into groove again.
Recently, I have playing more with my DSLR and the response in Flickr has encouraged to seek in more and more photography related forums. They speak of similar prompting challenges like Project 365, 52 weeks, 30 days(similar to NaBloPoMo), AtoZ which encourages you to take photos daily. And then there is the internal conflict for identity and independent crisis for which I think finally, I would really need a life skills and career coach for giving myself a fresh start in 2014.
Last two years, after moving to the new home, I baked a cake  in a pressure cooker, from the scratch. This year, since the preparations have been in full swing for the vacations, the Christmas atmosphere is missing from the home. Though I did setup the small plastic Xmas tree with lights and the decorations, I forget to turn on the lights every night. Moreover RK has been lazy and I have been more lazier to remind him to put up the Xmas star. And so, no plans of making a cake for the holidays.
Nevertheless, it was a great year from my personal side.  N joined playschool this year, and have started become slowly independent, which means I can more concentrate on improving my life  and career skills.  And finally, my dream of having a personal laptop on my own got fulfilled this November. You may ask what the big deal. But to spend around 50k for an electronic gadget is like finally buying an high-end Iphone.  But still unsure of what and where to draw the line in this blog. If I had to blog daily, it would turn out to be diary revealing more on N, RK and myself. But if I want to nurture the writing in me by doing daily practice, I need to think more professional. So confused on that part. There had been huge explosions with RK this year, and also with N which I never imagined would happen. Many instances which make it seem I really need to work on my anger management or on my support system.
 So some good things and bad things to end the year. Life is like that. A mixed bag of experiences. Aint it?
Happy Christmas and a Happy new Year!


  1. Alright, why does it seem as though you are speaking my thoughts lol! Its been that kind of year and I am gearing up for a very hectic, ridiculous year 🙂 Well lets hope for the best and let there be clarity soon for all of us 🙂

  2. It was nice to read your thoughts!! I think everyone ends up doing some year end introspection and it looks like it’s been a great year for you! I’ve also joined many FB groups this year and I’ve really enjoyed being involved in them 🙂

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