WT #7 : Tools, Toys and Photo fun effects

In Webscape Tidbits Part 7, let us see some tools and utilities along with what all you can do with your photos!

Photo fun effects

Okay, you have so many photos of Christmas and New Year holidays. Now what? How about some digital processing? Adding some photo effects? Sounds cool, huh? Good, now check out the websites below to start with!

The first common task done by people is to upload their photos straight to Flickr, Picasaweb, Photobucket, Orkut and Facebook. But before sharing pictures, why not have some fun?

If you had liked the Photofun post, then here are few more to play with your photos:

FunPhotoBox : This site have similar effects as that of the photofunia site.

LoonaPix – Only disadvantage I found in this site was, that they create a gallery of created images for public use!

Dumpr – You may need to register for some special effects. But the free effects are more than enough for time being. Ain’t it?

Most of these websites do allow either uploading of photos from your computer, or accessing your photos from popular photo sharing websites.There were few more similar websites. But most of them were kinda online photo editing websites, which adds some widgets onto the original picture, and the end result looks very fictional. For e.g., in the website, PikiPump, you have several ways to touch up your photos here, be it adding blings, text, animation etc. It also stores the images and hence enables you to see the photos created by other users.

Or how about gifting your near and dear ones, with a photo calendar, or a photo mug or a photo key chain? Snapfish, iTasveer, ZoomIn, Picsquare are some of the online websites for this purpose.

Big Huge Labs

While browsing for similar tools, I came upon this Big Huge Labs, which have several projects or rather useful tools. This site mainly is called Flickr toys, because you can do more with your Flickr photos I suppose. But I stumbled on it, through the Blog Header generator tool.

Another toy from the same site is the Writer Environment. This enables you to write and save a documents without any disturbance! (You can even turn on the full screen mode). It also enables to save the writing in a PDF format. But alas, I suppose it accepts only alphanumeric.

And if you are stuck with shortage of blog ideas, you can check out these blog ideas. If you want a story plot ideas, they have that too! Cool na!

Another great tool is the creation of wallpaper calendar for your photos! I have always wanted this kinda tool long back when creating a wallpaper on my own.


You have a long list of websites to surf here. They are theΒ  creations of Steve DeGraeve. I liked the most the Tiny Advice site. But this site is more popular for generating free business cards. You can even get to download them in PDF format. For more tools, check out DeGraeve.com

Hope you liked this post on the Webscape series. Wanna have more Webscape Tidbits? Check it out here!

Till then, keep clicking! πŸ™‚


  1. I use only Aperture and it is more than what I need. It doesn’t have a the “fun” and snazzy stuff but it’s good. Try Adobe Lightroom to manage your digital library.

    You talk a lot about photos and you seem to like photography. Ever cared to get a dSLR cam?

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